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Roadside assistance services can also use car data to create partnerships with insurance companies. From the driver perspective, the driver provides consent to use vehicle data ito fix the problem preventing them from driving. From the insurer perspective, the data can be used to determine how to execute the driver’s insurance policies and for dealing with insurance claims. So, you were thinking your car can make it just a few more miles to the next gas station but you’ve run dry. If you run out of gas at night and have to stop on the road, it’s essential to make your vehicle visible.

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We at the MarketWatch Guides team have reviewed the best roadside assistance plans and will provide costs for over a dozen providers in this article. Honk might be a good option for you if you don’t want to pay membership fees for an auto club or add roadside assistance coverage to your insurance. It’s offered by some car insurance companies, credit card companies, auto clubs, companies that specialize in roadside assistance and other clubs and organizations. Roadside assistance is a car insurance add-on that connects you to services such as towing and car replacement to help you get back on the road. Suppose you aren’t confident with your car repair skills when you have a flat tire or just need help getting gasoline. In that case, your insurer can dispatch a service provider most appropriate for your situation, paid for through roadside assistance coverage.

What is Roadside Assistance?

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What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

The goal is to help with emergencies and get you on the road as soon as possible. On the bright side, some companies will take you home if your vehicle cannot be fixed at the scene or tow it to the nearest repair facility. However, this generally only happens in cases where you break down within close proximity to your home. In addition to traditional benefits, like emergency roadside assistance, Pronto’s Roadside Assistance Program also includes many perks. These include customized trip routing and valuable hotel and rental car discounts throughout the United States.

Location data can indicate exactly where the car broke down, ensuring the roadside service provider arrives faster. Car data can also minimize the time spent on the side of the road when trying to understand and fix the problem. This reduces safety hazards, both to the driver and to other cars driving in the area.

But you can get roadside coverage in many other ways, including through your car’s warranty or even your credit card company. What roadside assistance covers can vary depending on the type of plan. It turns out I had roadside assistance coverage through Progressive, my auto insurance company. I had already paid extra for a comprehensive plan that includes towing, winching, fuel delivery and a flat tire change. I could have also paid a flat fee of $69.95 for the same services through Visa’s Roadside Dispatch service.

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