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Ask for their MC number and that it matches exactly to the company name on the FMCSA site. A good practice if you want to go with an unknown / unreviewed car shipper. If they tell you that they don’t have one, they provide you as a lead to transporters. Driving thousands of miles adds unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle’s engine and tires. If you’ve not had a long-distance trip with your car, your risk experiencing mechanical breakdowns.

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Read more about European vehicle recovery here. Before your car or truck gets loaded onto the truck, check the undercarriage for any noticeable leaks. If your vehicle has an aggressive leak, the car shipping company may refuse service. In order for your vehicle to arrive as expected, it’s important to prepare it for the shipping process. Here are eight things you need to do before seeing your car picked up by the car shipping company. Some car transport companies charge a fuel surcharge based on fuel prices. Understand this beforehand, especially if booking your vehicle’s transport service weeks early.

There may be some additional service charades for selecting a certain type of transport vehicle, but it really depends on the auto transport provider. However, if you’re shipping a rare or expensive vehicle, enclosed car shipping might be for you. It’s typically anywhere from % more expensive than open shipping, but if your vehicle can’t get dirty or damaged, it’s well worth the extra cost. For most vehicles open shipping is just fine – damage during transport is rare. After your vehicle has been delivered, it’s important to take a few final steps to wrap up the process. Inspect your vehicle thoroughly once again to ensure that there are no damages or issues that may have occurred during transportation.

Global Car Transport Industry

We ensure that your shipping carrier, who will physically transport your vehicle, has the mandatory documents required for automobile transportation to your destination. The majority of clients choose open transport, but a reputable auto shipping company should be able to provide all options. Open Carrier Car Shipping is the most commonly used and can handle nearly any type of vehicle.

The price you pay per mile decreases as the distance increases, but you’ll pay more overall for longer-distance transports. Cross-country shipments are more expensive, but they may be a lot more convenient than driving your car to the destination yourself. If you want your car to be completely protected during the shipping process, you’ll want to go for an enclosed carrier, though it will cost you more. Enclosed carriers have a few big advantages that warrant the price hike, including a lack of exposure to outside elements and higher overall security. And many times, there are only about three to five vehicles on the carrier at a time, which means you get your car back faster.

What should you look for in a car shipping company?

Depending on what vehicle you are shipping with enclosed shipping, we have all the specialized equipment to ship anything you want! For example, if you are shipping an exotic car, we can accommodate the low ground clearance as our trailers feature hydraulic lifts for safe loading. Additionally, we use smaller-sized trailers to minimize shaking and movement during the journey to your destination.

Determining the Price of Car Hauling Rates

For example, the per-mile rate may cost $1.50 for shipments under 1,000 miles. The per-mile rate may drop to $1.25 if the shipment is over 1,000 miles.

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