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If you choose to pick it up at the destination port, you will pick it up from a warehouse. The excellent news is customs are usually included, so the process is relatively simple. Below are some frequently asked questions about how long it takes to ship a car. Once everything is agreed upon, the driver and shipper must sign off, turning the BOL into a binding document.

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The east coast folks tend to favor the Atlantic side, and in particular, New Yorkers gravitate to Miami. And many are just searching for their lost shaker of salt, as Jimmy Buffett might say. It gets slow in the western part of Virginia near Lynchburg, and the southwestern region as well. If you would like, you can make copies of your title to hold onto during shipping. The originals will be returned to you once you receive the car at its destination. Rashawn Mitchner is a MarketWatch Guides team editor with over 10 years of experience covering personal finance and insurance topics. Clean up your vehicle before handing it to the transportation company for inspection and make sure there are no extra appliances/objects/other things in the vehicle.

Who typically uses a car shipping company?

A full tank of gas adds to your car’s weight, which adds to the price of your transport. Your car won’t be driven except when it’s loaded onto and removed from the carrier truck.

Cost to Ship

Schedule your pickup date, time and an easy-to-access pickup location with your trucker. Click—or tap—here for an instant online quote in seconds (we’re talking finger-snapping fast!), or call or start a chat with one of our advisors.

We only use our fleet of enclosed trailers with lift gates and expert drivers to ship your car. We specialize in classic, luxury, and exotic car transport with our door-to-door, reliable auto transport services. We only use high-quality enclosed carriers with nylon straps to safely transport your car. Some car transport companies, like us, offer a door-to-door service. Door to door service ensures that the same driver will transport your car until they safely deliver it.

Think about it – driving such long distances is tiring, stressful, and potentially dangerous. But, if you are moving the vehicle thousands of miles, you may not have the time (or patience) to DIY. Read more about European vehicle recovery here. Not only will this take a a considerable amount of time, you may not save much.

Confirm pick-up and delivery dates and times, and ask for updates during transit. Typically, if you choose to use RoRo shipping, you’ll be advised to leave no more than a quarter tank of gas in your car. The first is that the carrier knows that during transport, there may be a risk item from your car could be stolen.

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