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Doodle Dogs, or Doodles, as they’re also called, are mixed breed dogs with Poodle DNA. The Poodle is a robust, friendly and intelligent breed that lends its best qualities to a variety of other dog breeds, which is why Doodles are so in demand. Without this proper Socialization and training, your Goldendoodle puppy may be afraid in certain situations, such as with new people or animals.

After bathing a Goldendoodle, the gold standard is to blow dry the coat with a high velocity pet grooming dryer. Once all the soap is out of the hair, it’s time to get that soggy doggy dry! Before towel drying, I usually gently “squeegee” using my hands in the direction of the coat to remove some of the water, so she’s not dripping wet.

Most people will crate train or potty pad train their Goldendoodle puppies. When your puppy is very young, most vets worry about your Goldendoodle puppy being able to regulate their blood sugar. Read more about labradoodle adoption here. By giving them multiple meals a day will help keep their blood sugar at optimal levels.

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While food, toys, and health care are often expected, you should also factor in supplies, grooming, and even obedience training. To give you an idea what to expect, we’ve gathered together a year’s worth of costs for owning a Goldendoodle. Your breeder should be able to help you identify a wavy versus curly coat from a young age. Again, looking at both parent dogs and/or past litters can help. Keep in mind some of the differing in appearance of Doodles is the result of grooming/hair cut differences. So for example, even a curly Doodle can have a rounder/soft face depending on the length of his/her fur.

We hope these tips help you feel more prepared to care for your new doodle addition. We are always happy to discuss your new puppy’s wellness and prevention plan. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about the care we can provide over the course of your doodle’s life. Goldendoodles are highly social and typically get along well with everyone.

Teaching impulse control for dogs – preventable dog training

Just remember that even the best-cared-for dogs can find themselves in distress from time to time. Be sure to keep an eye on your own pup, and if you see signs that something is wrong, don’t hesitate to take them to the vet. With a little love and care, even the most distressed dogs can lead happy, healthy lives. If you find a Goldendoodle at a shelter or rescue, you usually only have to pay the adoption fee, which includes vaccinations, spaying or neutering, deworming, and other veterinary care. Shelters have different adoption fees, but it’s generally cheaper than buying a puppy from a breeder. You also have a lot of the dog’s initial veterinary costs covered with that fee.

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The next step is to move the goldendoodle into a bathtub or washbasin for shampooing. Also gather all the supplies you’ll need to wash a Goldendoodle, including shampoo, conditioner a towel, and a brush. The first step to wash a goldendoodle is to thoroughly brush the coat. Be careful to only wash a goldendoodle when it’s necessary as their skin can tend to dry out with too much bathing.

There are a lot of additional expenses that may come up throughout your dog’s life, including emergency vet visits that can cost thousands of dollars. You may also need to treat a chronic health condition, which can add hundreds of dollars each month to your expenses. What looks good on one goldendoodle won’t necessarily look good on the next. For instance, Maple looks good with long ears but Abria can’t pull off long ears. It will likely take a few trips to the groomer to figure out exactly what you like for your special pup. If you want to learn more about how to take care of your senior Goldendoodle, read on. We’ll cover adequate nutrition, grooming needs, and medical care to ensure your furry friend lives the best life in its golden years.

Additionally, keep in mind that a puppy won’t have the same coat once it’s fully-grown. You can expect a Doodle puppy to start shedding its puppy coat around 6-8 months old. However, as Doodles tend to come in soft coats anyway, you might not even notice the difference. If you notice two types of hair, one being coarser and the other being softer, your Doodle is double-coated.

Below are some useful tips for addressing the day-to-day grooming needs of a doodle dog, plus some insight on what you can do yourself versus what you should entrust to a professional dog groomer. This smart, furry puppy is the best friend any dog owner could ask for. The amount of affection and devotion a Goldendoodle can offer you is unmatched. Patricia is an experienced pet writer and lifelong animal lover. When she isn’t writing, Patricia enjoys spending time with her pets, cats Binx and Link and dog Mystery.

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