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I love the characteristics of both of these breeds – Bichons were bred to be family dogs and to do tricks for royalty, they’re confident, loving, sweet and as cute as can be (to me at least). All of this fits my lifestyle very well and hence I wanted a similar dog to join our family before Maggie, then 9, was too old to be accommodating to a puppy. During my search, I made the rounds at the shelters and rescues for years where I didn’t find anything suitable.

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Goldendoodle puppies have a somewhat higher risk of developing this condition than other dog breeds do. Whenever patellar luxation occurs, most dogs experience very minor arthritis or joint pain symptoms. A Goldendoodle puppy can stand anywhere from 13 to 24 inches tall at its shoulders and may weigh anywhere from 15 to 90 pounds.

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Not only do Miniature Poodles and Doodles tend to outlive their larger counterparts, but they also tend to have less joint and mobility issues. The larger the dog, the more weight and wear and tear is placed on the joints. So even when a pup is free from hip dysplasia or other specific abnormalities, the larger dog will still be more likely to develop arthritis or other muscular-skeletal issues as they age. Additionally, some doodle dogs have a double-coat, and that can be harder to groom. If you have a double-coated doodle, they tend to shed (there goes that idea that doodle dogs don’t shed). Knowing how to handle these periods and what not to do during them has lifelong implications for the adult dog and their family. With our training, we can identify when a puppy is going through a fear period, assist them through it, and prevent any trauma that might affect their temperament in the long run.

Another issue you might experience is breathing difficulties. Once your mini Goldendoodle faces breathing issues, it might be due to respiratory disease. Consult your vet once you notice your Goldendoodle having difficulties breathing. One of the first signs that something is wrong with this dog is that it doesn’t want to eat or eats less than usual. If you find your Goldendoodles experiencing loss of appetite, you can hand feed them. Alternatively, you should consult your vet to prescribe appetite stimulants or allow the vet to look at them.

Nutrition is also crucial for a Goldendoodle’s extended lifespan. A well-balanced diet that includes high-quality protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates can help keep your dog in good health. Read more about labradoodle puppy for sale here. Avoid feeding your dog table scraps or foods that are high in fat or sugar, as these can contribute to obesity and other health issues. Standard Goldendoodles are a relatively active breed and require regular exercise to maintain their health and happiness. Daily walks, runs, or playtime in a fenced yard can help keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated. However, it’s essential to avoid over-exercising your dog, as this can lead to injuries or other health issues.

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During grooming appointments, it’s important to trim their coat to a length that is appropriate for their lifestyle and to address any matting or tangles. Doodle dogs with wavy coats have hair that falls in loose waves. This type of coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling.

Use a good conditioner like the Final Coat and rinse thoroughly and dry the coat using a towel or a blow dryer. Stress to your owners that they need to partner with you to keep their dog’s coat fluffy and soft and avoid the dog clippers.

A good breeder will always be open about the health conditions of the puppy and the prevalence of the diseases in it. On average, a dog takes around one and a half years to achieve its maximum size and growth. When your puppy is 12 weeks old, you will see a massive shift in weight gain and growth.

A fun fact is that the names Ripley and Rue came from Jenny North’s two favorite Doodle Dogs. At last count, this fun day has over 80k followers on the site’s official Instagram page. The best thing about IDDD is that it celebrates all Doodle Dogs, not just a select type.

Frequent grooming is key to keeping these beautiful dogs well maintained. With so many Doodle breeds out there, how are you to know which would be the best type for you and your lifestyle? If you join a social media group and ask the masses which Doodle you should get, you will get a million different responses. Of course, everyone loves the dog they have, but that doesn’t mean that the breed they have is right for you. In addition, for some care related tasks, owners can be unsure about how often these should be done or the best way to go about doing them. And for anyone who is thinking about bringing a Doodle into their home, it’s always a good idea to understand the scope of the responsibility and plan for it. For these reasons, this section will cover the 9 most important care tips for a Doodle of any age.

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