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The good news is that our children’s weighted blanket, the Nappling, can be washed and cared for at home without any hassle. An important first step is to check the care label of your weighted blanket for instructions. Not all weighted blankets are the same and each type will require different care. In general, there are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning a weighted blanket. The first is how much cleaning the blanket actually needs. Cleaning stains as soon as they occur may help prevent them from setting.

Consistent tension is the best way to ensure all your squares come out the same size. You can also block your squares to even out the edges and ensure they’re all the same size and shape before seaming them together. Using a mattress stitch or a Flat Slip Stitch Seam, join the first two rows together. Here are some other supplies you’ll want to have on hand as you make this pattern.

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However, bulky yarns are usually sold in heavier balls, so that the yardage remains roughly consistent anyway, despite the change in thickness. Which is why making a small sofa throw in a simple flat stitch still requires about 6 – 8 balls of yarn, regardless of what weight of yarn you choose.

I wouldn’t recommend it for this product because you have to tie it together and it may not come out how you would like. The use of pinking sheers is so the fabric won’t fall apart at the edges.

Step 7: Sew Your Squares Together – and You’re DONE!

There are quite a few common blanket fabrics–each has benefits, so choose the one that best suits your needs. It would be great if someone would show how to do this in slow motion. Most of the time videos are to fast and the arms are in the way. Needing to see how to turn the wool to the next row. During the knitting process, you should occasionally tug at the blanket to ensure it doesn’t bunch up.

How to Knit a Blanket

Holding the yarn, make a loop about 8 inches from the end. Read more about pull plaid here. Here are the steps in making a very simple fleece blanket with tied ends. Once you’ve made enough squares for your blanket (this will depend on the size you want your blanket to be), it’s time to join them all together. Our Napigan is an easy-to-clean, hand-knitted weighted sweater that can be laundered in just the same way as our Cotton Nappers.

Once you have that information, then your weighted blanket is good to go. Most weighted blankets with plastic beads cannot withstand heat, so when exposed to high temperatures, the beads tend to melt inside the blanket and bunch up. The best way to wash them is by using cool or cold water, not hot, and letting them air dry. You may be surprised to see how quickly a weighted blanket can dry, since its fabric doesn’t absorb water. This means that you don’t need anything more than the low-heat cycle on your washing machine.

Then align these loops along opposite sides that meet up right next door inside each corner square where two sides meet together. A binding is a strip of fabric that you attach around all four sides of your blanket. It prevents your fabric from stretching or unraveling. The blanket should fit in the right way but be tight enough. This will give it some room to breathe without letting the seams come apart over time. Sewing blankets at home is an excellent way to spend your afternoon.

There’s no escaping it – color changes create waste! Compared to a single color blanket, you’ll end up with the leftovers of not just one color, but several. This is especially true of blanket designs that have lots of small details in a wide range of colors. Over time, the production of Sotho blankets became an essential industry in Lesotho and South Africa.

The reduction of cortisol, a natural steroid linked to stress, is another purported effect of weighted blankets. While weight options vary between models, most weighted blankets range from 15 to 25 pounds. In some cases, travel and child sizes of under 10 pounds are also available. It’s no secret that I love making a homemade blanket. They make wonderful gifts, and don’t need to be complicated. I’ve rounded up all of the posts on my site that will help you make a blanket.

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