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Legislators can also amend bills when they reach the House or Senate floor. After the full House or Senate accepts the committee report, the bill has its second reading and is placed on the House agenda called the General Register or the Senate agenda called General Orders. The chief House author of the bill introduces it in the House; the chief Senate author introduces it in the Senate. Identical bills introduced in each body are called companion bills. The presiding officer of the House then refers it to an appropriate House committee for discussion; the same thing happens in the Senate. The Office of the Revisor of Statutes and staff from other legislative offices work with legislators in putting the idea for a new law into proper legal form.

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Any amendments proposed by the committee which make material changes in the original bill must be printed in the calendar. The Chairman has the duty to call to order a speaker not keeping remarks to the point. The purpose of a public hearing is to give testimony and information, not to argue or inquire. Read more about Corporate Law Firm in Houston here. The length of time allowed any one speaker may be limited by the committee. If a citizen cannot be present at a hearing a written statement may be submitted to the Clerk of the committee. Speakers may not ask questions of the committee or other speakers. It is advisable that any such amendment, pertinent information or testimony should be duplicated so that all committee members will have a copy.

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Usually, the police cite or arrest someone and write a report. This report summarizes the events leading up to the arrest or citation and provides witnesses’ names and other relevant information. Defendants generally do NOT have a right to get a copy of the arrest report, but their lawyers do. This is another reason why it is important that a defendant charged with a misdemeanor or felony have a lawyer to represent him or her. If a committee reports a bill out and does not recommend that the bill be amended or other action to keep it from going to the floor, the bill is then placed on the Second Reading Calendar. You should include the facts that are necessary to remind you of the story. If you forget the story, you will not remember how the law in the case was applied.

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On the other hand, a brief that is too short will be equally unhelpful because it lacks sufficient information to refresh your memory. This will make it easy for you to organize and reference them.

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