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The flu, or influenza, is a particularly contagious respiratory illness that is caused by a virus. Each fall and winter is considered flu season, and totally different strains of the flu can impact people in numerous areas across the United States. Sick folks sneeze or cough out beads of moisture that include the flu virus. You’re exposed to the flu virus whenever you breathe the droplets in, or in the occasion that they land in your mouth, nostril, or eyes. You can even get it if you touch a spot these droplets land — like a desk, counter, or doorknob — and then contact your face. Both COVID-19 and the seasonal flu are highly contagious respiratory sicknesses, which suggests they share some related signs like high-grade fever, chills, cough, headache and more. You could proceed to be infectious for every week after your symptoms start.

After that, the contagiousness rapidly declines as the immune system positive aspects management over the virus. There’s normally not much you are in a position to do about your signs aside from rest, keep hydrated, and let signs run their course. You might consider some therapy choices like over-the-counter flu medicines or getting a prescription antiviral drug from a healthcare supplier. Generally, these medicines are solely effective when you take them throughout the first 24 to forty eight hours of getting symptoms. The severity of the flu, or influenza, varies from each season. The finest way to forestall the flu and further problems from it’s by getting the flu vaccine.

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These are tiny secretions from the mouth or nose that get airborne whenever you cough, sneeze, laugh, or even discuss. Once airborne, the virus-filled droplets can journey as far as 6 ft and enter the mouth or nose of someone else.

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“Sudden onset of symptoms, in general, is extra prone to be flu, however it’s actually not a guarantee,” he says. Since COVID-19’s emergence, our understanding of viruses has vastly elevated and is driving novel innovations in opposition to older foes.

Persistent high fever could make it difficult to even raise your head. Depending on how you’re feeling and your previous experience with the flu, you could have some choices. This publish will provide details on day by day signs, COVID vs. flu, and a timeline of what to anticipate as this common sickness progresses. No matter which stage of the flu you’re in, feeling higher ASAP is a priority.

People are most probably to turn out to be infected if they have shut contact with somebody who is already sick or in the occasion that they haven’t been vaccinated in opposition to the flu. If you may have the flu, cowl your cough, use good hand-washing techniques, and wear a mask to help stop the unfold of the flu. And sure, if you’re wholesome and wish to regale your coworkers with tales of how you by no means get the flu, you still have to get the shot. It’s simply the fourth one, the seasonal flu, that we’ve hassle predicting,” Chu explains. “As for other species turning into infected, there have been no stories or evidence that H3N2 influenza can infect people.

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