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Simon Lucas is a senior editorial professional with deep experience of print/digital publishing and the buyer electronics panorama. Based in Brighton, Simon worked at TechRadar’s sister web site What HiFi? Here’s what you should know to decide on the best style of TV mount.

Check this height is snug for everyone else within the household and regulate decrease, if necessary (there should be a little bit of compromise between kids and adults). Now connect the necessary cables to the TV earlier than joining the two components of the bracket together. No matter how small or mild your TV, this is almost certain to be a two-person job – so make sure you’ve some assistance earlier than you embark on truly wall-mounting your tv. Once the union between the two halves of the bracket is full, tighten the fastening screws to carry it in place. However, not everyone is snug with tackling this as a DIY project.

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It is value remembering that the dimensions of your TV is the diagonal distance from the top corner to the alternative backside nook. The vertical top of your TV is normally several inches shorter. Also, the measurements given are the space from the floor to the middle of the display screen. You might have to regulate depending on your room dimension, seating arrangement, and different elements.

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One of the advantages to opting for a drywall TV mount is the visual enchantment of the mounted TV – in spite of everything, flat screens were meant to be mounted. A fire bracket allows you to lower the TV to a snug viewing peak, then push it back above the mantel if you’re accomplished watching. If you determine to go forward and place your TV above the fireplace, contemplate a fire bracket. These cleverly designed brackets allow you to lower the TV all the means down to a great viewing top after which elevate it back up when you’re accomplished watching. If you are hesitant or undecided about these alternatives, it by no means hurts to name a professional who knows how to mount a TV on the wall with out studs. It’s better to spend slightly extra money and ask for assist than to finish up with a broken TV and damaged drywall.

TV Brackets

If the boards are seen, you can paint them to match the wall colour to make them much less noticeable. When you’re ready to take your TV down, you probably can undo the bracket after which unscrew the board. For taller mounting brackets for bigger TVs, you may want two rows of boards for your bracket. Measure the peak of your bracket after which mark the peak on the wall to determine where your boards must go to successfully attach the bracket. If the position is troublesome to see, you can trace the bracket with a pencil before inserting your boards so as to see the place they need to go. You can try this video to see how a professional would set up backing or blocking on finished drywall.

What sort of wall-mount do you need?

TV mounting top over furniture is ideally 40 inches, as measured from the floor to the center of the display screen. In most cases, although, average mounting height is dictated by the peak of the piece of furnishings plus three or 4 inches for spacing. If you’re mounting a TV in an leisure space, where visitors are sitting on high barstools or standing up most of the time, the center of your TV ought to be round inches above the floor. This is across the similar top that most galleries and museums grasp their items for optimum viewing.

Secure the Wall Mount

Small viewing angle adjustments can deflect the glare away out of your field of view. Before you start your installation, you may need to assemble the needed tools and supplies. Think about the way you need to cope with power twine and the HDMI cables. Make positive that the wall anchor screws that you just select are rated to hold your TV’s weight.

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