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Messages such as birthday or anniversary wishes can make customers feel valued by the company, and this will strengthen their loyalty for the brand. Also, WiFi marketing provides an efficient communication channel for customers to easily lodge any complaints or concerns that they might have. No more will guests have to wait to connect to WiFi to reach interactive ads. Ad Space Integrations takes Ads4WiFi smart advertising tools and places it our smart marketing environment powered by Marketing4WiFi. Keep all WiFi users safe with specific WiFi access for faculty, students, and guests. Set specific days and times of WiFi access and block unwanted users for complete WiFi control.

WiFi Marketing

Make your pop up digital experience as seamless and enjoyable as your in-store presence. With GoGoGuest temporary WiFi service, a Storefront partner, any size retailer is assured of an end-to-end brand experience – from the hotspot to the welcome mat. On top of these marketing benefits, you get to offer a convenient WiFi amenity for your guests and run your cloud POS and staff devices on reliable WiFi. When a coffee shop equipped with wifi marketing wants to know more about their customer base, demographic data from their collected social media contacts is a great place to start.

Transform your guest WiFi into a powerful WiFi marketing tool

Or, you can create a list of guests who have ordered online at least x times. Progressive profiling is when users come for a repeat visit online or at your location. The Bloom platform will ask a guest for an additional piece of information that is missing from their profile every time they interact with your WiFi landing page, website form, or online ordering platform.

Refine service, enhance marketing strategies, and foster loyalty through real-time insights into customer behavior, operational efficiency, and special promotions and offers. Flonomics people counting systems count everybody that walks in the door. When wifi marketing & people counting come together, you are able to see a comprehensive view of your customer.

We will integrate Facebook Messenger with the site, which will allow for live messaging with potential customers. Connectivity has become as necessary an amenity as a bathroom or parking, reflecting directly on the overall experience of your visitor. Venues know that they need to answer this demand and invest substantial capital in upgrading and installing their Wi-Fi infrastructure to meet fan expectations. Compatible with all WiFi-enabled devices such as Smart phones, including iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, etc and laptops, including Ipad. WiFi marketing should be a key growth strategy for every retailer. For example, send them a birthday discount or an offer on a perfect product to go with their latest purchase.

Personalized digital marketing

Any member of your organization can access the dashboard without risking any data breach. Also you can give access to your advertising agency to operate the account. Take this opportunity to go beyond the sale by offering an experience that will make your pop-up store memorable and worth sharing to friends, family and colleagues. Below are five reasons why WiFi marketing is a location-based marketing solution for brick-and-mortar retailers. Many customers know the headaches that come with trying to establish a reliable data connection in a busy entertainment space filled with people. This popup appears whenever someone attempts to leave our website.

Did you know that 93% of consumers use their phones while shopping or patronizing a business?. Read more about wifi marketing email collection here. •This technology allows you to track physical movements or buying patterns. After learning these eCommerce habits, you can improve the efficacy of your ads. •Marketing studies (from Cisco, Oracle, and JiWire) have shown that between 86% and 96% of consumers highly value WiFi store availability. This might even be the deciding factor in whether they patronize your store.

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At a time when customer knowledge is a major challenge for points of sale, WiFi marketing is taking on its full meaning. The adoption of WiFi in point of sale networks is already strong, either as a network for business needs or as a guest WiFi. A WiFi marketing solution thus makes it possible to exploit the existing network to transform it into a real business tool in shops. The in-store WiFi network is an analytical tool in its own right. It collects a lot of data on customer journeys and the number of visitors at your points of sale. The analysis of the customer journey via WiFi is also a common practice within the framework of shopping centre digitalisation. “Beambox is a highly intuitive system, cleverly designed to provide secure guest WiFi whilst providing us as a business with innovative tools to reach and reward our customers and grow loyalty.”

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