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Consider a renter who received approval for income-based housing and earns $18,000 per year. This individual pays approximately $1,800 annually in student loan interest and expenses with another $1,000 in work-related costs. The average median income in the individual’s city is $40,200 per year, meaning the renter is less than 50%, making the person eligible for income-based housing. That means that you have agreed to live in the apartment for that period of time. If you need to move away for any reason, you may be held to the terms of your lease.

Some spaces have a minimum rental period, while others offer a discount if you rent the space for eight hours or more. Most apartment buildings will have a number of application requirements, and they won’t just be about your income.

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This number significantly varies among states, cities, and neighborhoods. The average income in Los Angeles or New York will be much higher than in a rural town in Kansas or Nebraska.

2. Improve your credit in advance

And if you plan to get a pet later on, tell your landlord, as you may need to pay a fee upon move-in or renegotiate the lease upon the animal’s arrival. A lease needs to be reasonable (quiet hours shouldn’t have to start at 3 p.m., for example), and a good, professional landlord will be open to compromise.

Adjustments may include expenses expenses like student loan interest, alimony payments, or any contributions you make to a retirement account. Due to a higher population, property managers are more likely to charge higher initial rent in these areas. The average income can change from year to year, and it’s essential to review the most up-to-date income averages in your location using the HUD calculator. If you’ve lived a clean, relatively scandal-free life, you’re probably going to get the unit (provided there isn’t a ton of competition). Still, it helps relieve some of the waiting-related tension to know what’s going down during the all-important apartment approval process.

As soon as you ask the landlord about lower rent, you’ll sense their willingness to accommodate your request through their tone of voice and demeanor. And if you join the military, a landlord must let you out of your lease by law, although in some states landlords are entitled to a small fee. If you’re visiting from out of town, then an apartment can serve as a central hub for your team to gather before heading out on a team-building activity or to a conference. Apartments can also be a good setting for an off-site meeting or team retreat.

As you would expect to read in a review, post information including when you lived (or if you’re still living) in the apartment and any tips you’ve learned by living there. Is management generally responsive to issues or does the office staff ignore issues? Does the landlord read reviews and makes improvements based on any tips or suggestions that someone takes the time to post?

A coordinator will connect you with a local agent in minutes

Also, some buildings require that you tour a unit before you apply, while others allow you to apply sight unseen. Knowing your rights will help you be a better and more informed tenant, and it can even help you get an apartment. To increase your chances of getting approved for an apartment, submit a complete, honest application. And be available by email, phone, and text for a couple of weeks after submitting your application so that the property manager can get in touch with you. In your apartment search, you may find that some buildings only require you to earn 2.5x your rent. Be ready to sign quickly on the dotted line once your approval comes in.

After you find an apartment that accepts a Section 8 voucher, the property then needs approval. The PHA must approve the unit and the lease of your selected new home. Knowing the rules of the program can help you locate Section 8 apartments in your area. It also gives you a better idea of the steps to take to find low-income housing in your area. Now supply of homes for rent is outstripping demand, and that’s pushing prices lower. Parsons said that measurements of current rents show that in most U.S. cities, rents are flat or down over the last year. Experts have noted in the last year that there’s been a boom in rental construction, especially in multifamily apartment buildings.

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