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Something fairly plain and unobtrusive can be styled up with new accessories depending on what look you’re trying to create. Adding a new color pop planter or bold cushion here and there can give it a whole new energy. Modern pergola ideas are a fantastic option for any sized garden. Pre-sized panels can be fitted together in different layouts so you can customize your design. Alternatively, off-the-shelf modular products can quickly transform a space and help create a unified look for boundaries. ‘If being exposed to wind or neighboring windows, why not dig down and make a sunken area? You could swap out the trees depending on your style – how about some blossoming fruit trees, or vibrant acers?

Learn how to lay out and build raised beds to grow veggies right at home. Compare types of fertilizers and learn when and how to feed your plants for a healthier garden. In that bowl are garden areas, including a cascading planter as its centerpiece plus a triangular planter that points toward World Showcase. Those eventually will help bring “the center of gravity” of festival programming toward the front of the park, he said. University of Maryland Extension’s Home and Garden Information Center offers free gardening and pest information at She compresses the leaves by climbing into the planter and stomping on them, using boots to protect her feet, then wets them with a hose. On that front, the conservatory might be the Mary Poppins of modern rooms, a mood-lifting escape hatch with all kinds of tricks up her sleeve (or branches, rather).

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Choose plants that have the same cultural requirements of full sun, ample water and rich soil. Rotate the pots regularly to keep plants from leaning into the light. If seedlings don’t get enough light, they will be leggy and weak. If you’re growing under lights, adjust them so they’re just a few inches above the tops of the seedlings. Keep in mind that seedlings need darkness, too, so they can rest. When it comes to plants, it’s totally fine to buy seedlings from the big box retailers, but check out local nurseries, too, for more unique varieties.

What Is Garden Lime?

The mix of materials that’s most eco-friendly for your area will depend on your climate. In a hot, arid area like Southern California or the American Southwest, succulent plant and hardscaping will be more efficient than a lawn and verdant garden beds, which will require a ton of watering.

Tips And Tricks For Overwintering Tomato Plants

It’s also important to understand the hardiness zone where you live. The U.S. encompasses nine hardiness zones, each based on the local climate. The hardiness zone dictates the type of plants that are best suited and ill-suited to the area.

Generally, state Cooperative Extension offices provide comprehensive soil tests at reasonable prices. Follow their soil-sample collection directions to get the best results. If you’re not sure about how much sun you have, watch your yard throughout the day for a few days to find the ideal location.

Use the coupon code “NEWGARDEN50” at checkout to get 50% off any of our gardening courses. Flavor is typically at a peak when the morning dew has cleared, but before the afternoon heat has settled in.

It can be as simple as installing some storage to keep everything in one accessible place, from charcoal to condiments. Extra surface space is also handy for outdoor cooking and will save you walking back and forth to the kitchen to fetch what you need. White planters continue the theme of clean, sleek lines and help to divide the zone from the next part of the garden. You could even add recessed lighting to illuminate the way after dark.

Nowadays, however, you can get the look at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of maintaining the real thing. Limestone-effect tiles give the same wow-factor and slot seamlessly into a cool and contemporary look. Raised beds are also a great way of bringing plants up from ground level – having them at eye height in a seating area means you feel more of a connection to the planting. A garden bar will also encourage people to spread out from the seating area, ensuring your garden gatherings have a more open and friendly vibe. If you’re good at DIY, creating a simple outdoor bar structure is an inexpensive way to recreate this look.

However, in cold climates, you won’t have enough time to raise heat-loving crops, such as tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, in your short growing season. If you try to plant these types of crops from seed, you’ll run out of summer before the crops come to maturity. Plus, there’s something so satisfying about growing your own veggies, and it’s not difficult with a little planning. Over watering is as bad as under watering, so always check the soil before turning on a tap or hitting the rain barrels. Foliar feeds like compost tea can be added to give plants extra nutrition and a dose of healthy microbes while watering. Most fruits and vegetables need full sun, with a minimum of five hours of direct sunlight per day for fruiting. Southern gardens may benefit from late afternoon shade, whereas northern gardens likely need all the sun they can get.

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