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If you decide to transfer ashes from the original plastic bag into an ashes container, memorial cremation urn or other appropriate vessel, follow these  guidelines for best results. You are free to decide how you feel about what to do with ashes. People who wish to be cremated do so for a variety of reasons, and one of those reasons involves a specific plan for the storage of ashes. We’ve heard beautiful stories of people being cast out to sea, or spread in a beautiful forest. If you’re looking for more cremation jewelry ideas, read our guides on cremation art and creative urns.

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There are hundreds of examples of customers who have turned cremation ashes into diamonds. For them, the diamond has been a major healing point in the grief process, a way to take their loved one with them daily, and a reminder of the beautiful life they led. Read more about ashes with jewellery here. Since forever I have had a fascination with mourning jewellery.

Cremation Jewelry Made With Resin & Ashes: How It’s Made?

Depending on the piece, this can be the bail itself (the loop that the chain goes through) or a small, square screw somewhere on the pendant. When choosing a necklace for ashes, it is important to consider the length. You will want to make sure it is long enough to hang comfortably around your neck without being too loose or too tight.

Completed Jewelry

In the late 1800s, Professor Brunetti of Italy invented the cremation chamber. He presented it at the 1873 World Exposition in Vienna, Austria. Cremation is known as the disposal of a dead body through burning, usually done after a funeral. When cleaning your fine Heart In Diamond jewelry, you may think that a stronger solution will do a much better job than mild preparations.

How Cremation Diamonds Are Made

We caution against ever using various household cleaners like those containing acetone, bleach, or chlorine. Such harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on the precious metals in your jewelry. Remember the moment you first put on your Heart In Diamond jewelry? The joy of owning a truly one-of-a-kind piece was so rewarding. And because it will always be an original piece with so much meaning, you’ll cherish it for the rest of your life. The $100 Eterneva Welcome Kit contains everything you need to start the journey to memorialize a remarkable life.

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