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Read more about Gaming Performance Optimization here. Disabling it ensures a constant data-flow and can contribute toward lower latency when gaming online. However, the difference is minuscule, so don’t expect this to shift the needle by much.

When playing video games on a console, one doesn’t have much to worry about seeing as the underlying software gets out of the way once the game is active. This isn’t necessarily the case with PC gaming, and as such, it can become a challenge. It’s not a big issue anymore, but problems still persist. This is why drivers are still being released regularly, especially after the release of newer games. We’ve seen it time and time again when a new game hits the market, it doesn’t work as well until after a driver update from Nvidia and AMD.

EaseUS will lead you to get the complete answer to Windows 11 gaming performance and how to optimize it. Once you complete the steps, the security feature will be disabled, thus improving gaming performance on Windows 11. Most of the time the performance issues are either due to software junk leftover by deleted files and programs or thermal issues.

Gaming Performance Optimization

Another optimization we can do here is to check whether the position is in viewport. If not, we don’t need to set the position at all and we can avoid dirtying the game object’s transform.

How To Download WIA Driver For Your Windows 11/10 PC?

Also, make sure the CPU cooler is competent to cool your processor. With undervolting, many questions can pop up in your mind. To answer all these questions, we have a separate article to describe if it is safe to undervolt the CPU.

Undervolt your CPU

During our tests, we found “all the game files to load much faster, while maintaining the quality of graphics & performance for extended periods”. Advanced System Optimizer is compatible with Windows 11 and older versions. Now one could also argue that the new code is probably more CPU cache friendly – since we are looping through a “continuous chunk of data”. However, I cannot confirm this – I don’t have direct knowledge of V8’s internal to tell how would this work at the machine code level.

How to increase FPS

Adjust your monitor’s settings, such as refresh rate, color calibration, and response time, to enhance your gaming experience further. Pairing these optimizations with your in-game settings can lead to a more immersive and visually stunning experience. If you have a laptop or a high end desktop, then you will notice the presence of software like NVIDIA GeForce Experience or AMD Gaming Evolved on your desktop.

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