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If you want to add drama, pour one-half of the brownie batter into the pan, then top with a layer of additions. Cover this with the remaining brownie batter. The finished brownies will have a ribbon of nuts, chocolate or marshmallows in the center.

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These are more than just an alternative, but a delicious brownie that also happens to be a paleo-friendly dessert. We got you with this decadent keto brownie recipe. This air-fryer version “bakes” in half the time of a usual brownie, so it’s safe to say we’re hooked. Though you could slice it into squares, we prefer to go straight in with spoons. Growing up, was there anything better than opening up our lunch boxed to see the ultimate treat, a cosmic brownie?!

I’m a self-taught home baker and cook passionate about making delicious food from scratch to share with family and friends. I want to give home cooks the confidence to get in the kitchen and create delicious recipes. Let your brownies cool in the tin until they are at least at room temperature before removing to cool completely. It will deflate a little and that’s perfectly normal. Another easy (if perhaps less common) option is incorporating sweetened cheeses like cream cheese or mascarpone. When going this route, Genevieve notes the importance of straining the cheese if it’s on the wet side (i.e. ricotta), or you’ll end up introducing unwanted moisture.

Take your box brownies to the next level! Lazy Girl Brownies Key Ingredients.

Put an extra egg in your brownie mixture and your brownies will come out with a cake-like texture. Some people prefer this but if you want a dense, chewy brownie, don’t add more eggs to this recipe. Most brownie recipes that yield that crinkly crust involve solid chocolate in one form or another.

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Brownies were the go-to baked good of my childhood, and as an adult, I took a serious step back from them because I’d had enough. Brownies have enough structure to support your most creative ideas. Read more here. Sandwich two brownies together with your favorite frosting or fruit filling to create a double-thick brownie.

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