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They’re also sturdy, comfortable, and they often have room for storage. They’re also cheaper and will match visually with digital pianos. In this guide, we’ll look at why it’s important to use a good piano bench, and then we’ll look at what makes a good piano bench for you. Our #1 pick for the best overall piano bench currently available in 2023 is the Yamaha BB1 for its straightforward design, reliable build quality, and excellent design. We also love the HOMCOM Piano Bench because it comes with hassle-free assembly. Simply follow the detailed instructions and you’ll end up building one of the most classic-looking traditional benches piano players could hope to have. We also love the KT7800+ for its professional finish.

Beginners often like to flatten their wrists as it feels more comfortable. Try not to do this; your wrists should be in line with your arm. Imagine a marble being able to run down your arm, onto your hands, and down your fingers without falling off. But of course, if you’re looking for something to last you a lifetime that’s unbelievably comfortable, then you really cannot get better than this Roland RPB-500. While childhood is an impressionable time for any person, it’s the teenage years that carry some weight. It’s during this time that emotions become more complex, usually with the growing pains of looming adulthood fast approaching.

Whether as a duet or single-player, a piano bench is a perfect seat for pianos, keyboards, and concert grand pianos. In most cases, it stands on four legs and is therefore very stable, which is why it is ideal for both private and public use. The frame of the bench is constructed of solid wood. The edges are trimmed and the top has a cushioned polyurethane leather cover.

What they haven’t figured out is that they are creating more. The distance you sit away from the piano is an essential part of making all of this work. You could be sitting at the perfect height and still be too close to the keyboard. A good indicator of being too close is when your shoulders feel shrugged, and your elbows appear contracted. The seat rises if you put your weight on your feet while pushing. To adjust it downwards, you simply have to remain seated while pressing the handle. So you can adjust your seat height steplessly and individually.

Single Seater

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Sight-reading is encouraged if you want to play classical music you’re essentially recreating a song exactly how it was written. If anything, the health benefits are excellent reasons to start. Piano Buyer is a biannual publication that covers what’s new and hot in the piano-buying market. It is accessible for free on the internet and includes in-depth articles on subjects like how to best buy used instruments. When most people think of piano, they think of classical music. Playing for your place of worship can be incredibly rewarding because you get to be part of a team.

Music Gallery & Academy is a music store & school in West Vancouver.

The top is of course padded for comfort, the height is adjustable via two knobs on either side of the bench, and the material is generally faux leather and tufted. The piano bench height you’ll need is determined by your height, body shape, and skill. Read a dedicated article to find out how to figure out how tall a piano bench should be.

What are the benefits of a piano bench with back support?

Adjustable seats are the best, most comfortable and correct option. They are also available in stores in a wide variety of designs, colors, and prices. So you can choose the best adjustable one for all your needs. Adjustable benches are ideal for tall or short pianists, while non-adjustable benches are a better fit for people who are in a median height range.

What this means is that, despite its size making it look like it was designed for kids, it is very suitable for heavy adults. The X-braced frame offers extra strength as well as durability. The dimensions of the seat are 29.5 x 13.8 x 19.5 inches in length, width and height. Either way with its vintage, classic and elegant style, you will have chosen it for a dressing stool to perfect your living room or your bedroom.

This is a very common problem for pianists of all ages. Even experienced pianists struggle with hand independence from time to time. Content creators on YouTube, from major companies to individual pianists, make how-to videos every day. These include everything from song tutorials to mini-documentaries that explain the theory behind your favorite compositions. The advantage of playing pop music is you can make songs as simple or as complicated as you’d like. You can see this in action with Lisa’s “5 Levels of ‘Tiny Dancer’” video.

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