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Figure out the real cost of your small-business loan with a loan calculator. You’ll want to consider external factors such as social changes, supply chain interruptions, and market lulls. If you’re new to how these loans work and wondering whether it’s the right idea for your unique situation, you’re in the right place.

Getting a startup business loan can be more difficult than getting approved for financing as an established business. This is because most lenders gauge their risk of borrowing based on the financial stability and history of an applicant’s business.

Get the money your business needs

Because of that, she said assumable mortgages can take months to process, which may end up costing homebuyers and sellers money. “One of the biggest issues that I’m seeing is that assumable mortgages are a lot more difficult than they should be,” she said. “Servicers have no incentive to really participate in the assumption. They’re How Can I Get a Business Loan going to have to build departments that they haven’t had in 40 years, which is going to cost money and time.” Rachel Roberts said that not all lenders have employees who can process assumable mortgages. Mortgage brokers tend to make more money originating new loans than facilitating transfers, according to American Banker.

Secured and unsecured loans

Equipment financing funds the purchase of equipment or machinery, with the purchased equipment backing the loan. These loans can be used for anything from office furniture to manufacturing equipment, and terms can be as long as 25 years with limits of up to $1 million. With invoice factoring, your business sells outstanding invoices to a factoring company at a discount. This can be an effective way to get paid for outstanding invoices quickly, rather than waiting for customers to pay. Buyers may need to make up the difference between the amount left on the loan they assume and the house’s purchase price.

Before applying, ask a lender what the requirements are and review your business finances to see if you meet them. A working capital loan—a short-term loan used to cover daily expenses, like rent and payroll—can help you cover temporary cash flow problems. A business loan can provide the funds you need to expand operations, cover day-to-day expenses and purchase equipment or inventory.

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