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This extra step will help eliminate food bacteria such as Campylobacter, a common cause of diarrhea. This will also discourage insects from feasting on the leftovers left on the counter. For more information about our rates and services, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Do you want to get a beautiful shine to your home’s windows? These little devices can make all the difference to your windows’ look.

For persistent grease stains on cabinets, try a fresh lemon or a paste of one part baking soda and two parts water. After making sure the oven is empty and cleaning behind it, push it back against the wall and run the cleaning cycle while you tackle the rest of the appliances and kitchen.

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And many times, cleaning overlaps with home maintenance tasks. Cleaning the gutters, for instance, lets you see loose flashings or shingles on the roof. Washing walls sometimes leads to discovering potential foundation problems or humidity issues, like small cracks or peeling paint. Now there are more things I do on a weekly or monthly basis, and bigger, deeper cleans that go with that.

When you know how to clean your home and keep the space organized and clutter-free, you’ll find it easier to focus on other essential tasks. Are you looking to streamline your cleaning routine and make it more efficient? Cleaning your house can be a significant task, but it’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for how to clean your home. Regardless of how you tackle it, cleaning the house in whatever way works best for you is a noteworthy achievement that should be celebrated. After all, having a cleaner and more organized living space can benefit your physical health, mental well-being, productivity, time management, and comfort.

Swap out your soap.

Read more about bathroom cleaning here. If your animals and cleaning staff are comfortable around each other, you may not have to crate your pets or take them out of the house with you. However, if you are even one bit unsure, you should absolutely separate your pets from the cleaning staff – especially if it’s their first time visiting your home. Spreading out your to-do list over the course of the week will make each task feel less monumental. And if you keep up with it, you’ll never be confronted with a list of cleaning tasks so long that you need an entire weekend to complete it. Cleaning floors with vinegar is a natural, chemical-free way to remove dirt and grime. Be careful when mixing store-bought household cleaners and homemade solutions, including vinegar, as fumes and gases can become toxic and lead to harmful secondary effects.

Pick up clutter before cleaning

Warm and damp conditions are an ideal environment for germs to breed. Consider these tips for keeping your bathroom hygienically clean and safe for your family. These three categories each require particular supplies and methods to deep clean them. He aims to deliver the best cleaning services along with his dedicated team and the author of Next Day Cleaning blog. Put down waterproof floor mats near every door leading outside to catch melting snow and salt. Pick up some large baking sheets — the kind with a raised edge — and use them for boot and shoe storage.

For extra points, you can even clean the back of the refrigerator where a lot of dust can build up and even cause the refrigerator to use more electricity and eventually wear out. It is good to move all appliances and clean behind them to eliminate the old tenant’s food odors. For the sink, you can scrub it with steel wool if it is a stainless steel sink, then a mixture of lemon juice and water will give the sink a shine. Cabinets should be wiped with a soft cloth inside and out. It is common for little crumbs and flour dust to get stuck in the corners of cabinets, and could attract pests if not cleaned.

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