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Animals can cause damage and extra work for cleaners, so they’ll need to be included up-front in order to get the most accurate pricing list. Look for house cleaners who are flexible with their schedule and can provide you with various time slots for their cleaning services that will make your life easier.

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Whether it’s muddy paw prints, dander, furballs, or urine stains, a proper, regular cleaning can help keep pets and their owners living in a healthy environment. Launching any type of new venture involves numerous steps, but with a concrete plan, you’ll be more likely to make your dream of starting a cleaning business come to life. All business owners are required to register their business, obtain a business license or permit, and have an employer identification number (EIN). Cities and states have specific legal requirements, too, so once your federal registration is complete, check with your state office to ensure you’re following the correct protocols. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the general business laws that go into starting any type of business.

Finance your cleaning business

This strategy is best for experienced cleaning businesses that already have a clear idea of how long it takes to clean houses of different types, sizes, and conditions. If we assume an estimate of 4 hours to clean a two-story family home at a labor cost of $25/hr, your base rate is $100. Employers have to pay FICA (payroll) taxes at 50 percent of this rate, or 7.65 percent. Sole proprietors should withhold 30 percent of their income to cover tax liabilities. Larger businesses share some of the FICA tax burden with their employees, and might only need to withhold 20 percent of their income for taxes.

Customers want trustworthy, courteous, and well-trained employees

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The other major factor that goes into the price is what services come with the cleaning. Most cleaning services have a set list of services that come with a standard cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, tidying up, etc. If you can straighten your house in between scheduled cleanings, you will make the most of the time your house cleaning service spends at your home. Homes with pets don’t have the same cleaning requirements as those without. Pets are likely to leave furballs, paw prints, pet dander, and urine stains. Homeowners with pets need professional house cleaning more regularly to keep their environment healthy.

The amount spent on supplies depends on the services provided and the number of clients. Connecteam is the easiest way to increase efficiency, oversight, and communication at your cleaning service business. Starting a cleaning business can earn profits relatively quickly compared to other industries. Just be sure to stay on top of supply inventory and employee management. WorkWave helps mobile workforce companies in the field service, transportation and logistics industries mitigate the key pain points they face every day.

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