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For arranging deliveries, drivers stay connected to fleet managers and shippers. Through every mile of their route, they have assistance and information available. However, there are many other reasons why the luxury Sprinter rental market is exploding. Get seasonal work somewhere, for example, the National Parks are a great option, and ski resorts are always hiring multiple positions during the winter for all you ski bums out there. For more tips, be sure to read our post on Van Life Internet Access and Staying Connected on the Road.

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We’ve answered the call and have built a team of over 600 experts in asset evaluation, batch processing, customer support and fintech solutions. Together, we have created a funding model that features rapid approvals and processing, 24/7 access to funds and the freedom to use the money wherever and whenever it’s needed. This is the future of business funding, and it’s available today, at eCapital.

You can use the top for storage space, making room on the bottom for a toilet, bed, kitchenette, and more. Since Mercedes is a German company, there are some American versions that can be much more affordable and easy to find. You can buy Freightliner Sprinters and Dodge Sprinters to save quite a bit of cash upfront. We’re a group of outdoor enthusiasts, overlanders and vanlifers with a goal of helping people find their outside.

I recently made the long-time-coming decision to purchase a van to convert. The first step of the process, deciding which van to get, proved to be more complicated than I anticipated. If you downsize your wardrobe with the tips I share a little further down in this post, you should be able to make it a couple of weeks without washing your clothes. You can also do laundry at a laundromat, by hand, at an RV park (they’ve also got showers!), or ask to use a washer and dryer at a friend’s or family member’s home. For more tips and information about healthcare coverage on the road, read our post on Health Insurance for Van Life.

As your business begins to scale up, you’ll need to consider new services to ensure your company can continue running smoothly. We suggest looking into DAT One, an all-in-one solution that can streamline your operations and provide you with the tools you need to offer high-quality service. Access your load board, track your network of partners using Priority Booking tools, and know that you and your drivers are getting paid fairly by seeing average lane prices in real-time.

For those who can make it work, living out of a camper van comes with many major benefits. First and foremost, of course, is the fact that you get to spend your time in the places you love the most. And, as thousands of people who have moved into their camper vans across the U.S. are learning, there are many valuable life lessons to be learned by simplifying and living a minimalist lifestyle. Of course, there are more creative ways to make buying a camper conversion a financial reality. You are, after all, investing in a tiny home on wheels – so one path that many vanlifers take is to move into their vans for a period of time to the cost of the van by avoiding rent and mortgage payments. While this is not an option for some individuals and families, others may have the flexibility to make a nomadic lifestyle work, even if just for a period of time.

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Plan your Sprinter van camper conversion style

In this transportation segment, fast access to the working capital you need when you need it translates to agility and speed of service. Ultimately, I think both the 2023 Transit Trail and the 2023 AWD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter are great options for van conversions. However, surprised by the near-equal price, I decided to go with the Sprinter because of the diesel engine, additional clearance, and extra options available. The biggest expense of van life will most likely be buying your van and converting it. New vans cost around $30,000-$45,000 while conversions can vary from $10,000-$20,000 if you do it yourself or upwards of $125,000 for a professional, fully decked out van built by a conversion company.

I also like using Benchmark Atlases to find Forest Service land and dirt roads with dispersed camping. Use our post about Finding Campsites on the Road for more ideas and resources. If you don’t know how long you want to do van life and you know you want to return to the same city when you are done, then a storage unit might make a lot of sense. If you have a lot of valuable things and furniture that you don’t want to let go of, renting a storage unit will also be the way to go.

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Buy a new or used Sprinter van to convert

With off-grid electric systems powered by deep-cycle lithium batteries, vans now serve as functional mobile offices for many people. You can pull out your laptop and clock in wherever you have cell service. Plus, for people working remotely and living in their vans full-time, it’s possible to save a huge amount of money on taxes by legally writing off the van and conversion as a business expense.

Outdoors, they’re often able to roll the price of the van conversion together with the price of the van chassis, and finance up to 75% of the total cost (van + conversion). As you can see, there are a lot of factors that determine how much a Sprinter van costs. You’ll have to decide if you truly need a 4×4 or a high top, whether to go new or used, or whether to do a DIY van conversion or hire a company.

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