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It won’t give you complete double-glazing results, however it’s a much cheaper option to consider. No matter which type of glass you choose, you need a sealing compound to secure it into your window frame. The traditional window glazing compound is putty, but these days there are other options as well. So weigh the benefits and consider upgrading to double-glazed windows for a more comfortable and economical living space.

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Double glazing is when a window has two panes of glass instead of one, separated by a gas or air-filled space. It’s important to consider the needs of the home when determining the size of the space, and air or gas filling. UPVC is a durable, recyclable product that creates an airtight seal that lasts.

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It is no doubt that windows are a particular weak point that burglars and other criminals can use to break into double glazed doors your house. While double glazed windows does not turn your house into a fortress, they are way harder to break.

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Triple glazing is a window with three panes of glass and two insulating sealed spaces, offering the ultimate energy efficiency. 15 minutes will make a massive difference to moisture build-up and help prevent misted double glazed windows.

Generally, for windows it is usually between 15 and 20 years on average. How long they actually last, depends on various factors such as the frame, the weather conditions they have to endure and how well you look after them.

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Thermal pumping places stress on the seals of the double glazed unit as it consistently expands and contracts. The seals begin to show small fractures that increase in size over time and airflow is pulled in and pushed out through the cracks as the gas expands and contracts.

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