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Being an executor is an important role and you need people who are capable of taking it on. Take the time today to prepare your Last Will and Testament. If you need help we have a phone and email support team who can guide you through the process. The whole process should take about 20 minutes to half an hour.

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An executor is a trusted individual that you appoint to execute the wishes outlined in your will. One of the most important differences between trusts and wills is the ability to name a guardian for your minor children. You can name a legal guardian in your will, but you can’t in a trust.

At USlegalWills.com we allow you to store an online version, but it’s for your convenience only, to allow easy updates. But every time it is updated, it must be printed, signed and witnessed. You don’t have to list every single possession that you have. This would be incredibly time consuming and as soon as you have put together your list, it is probably out of date! Most estate plans simply say that you leave all of your estate to someone – you don’t have to list out individual assets.

“USLegalWills.com is a more affordable option for young professionals or those with young children.”

This really isn’t a will as it operates while you’re still alive. A living will provides specific advanced instructions on the type of medical care you wish to receive (or not receive) if you’re unable to convey your wishes. Anyone who makes a medical care/treatment decision for you must consider the living will before doing so.

Give Yourself Peace Of Mind And Write Your Will Today

Depending on the complexity of your personal situation and your budget, you may choose to create your will using a will kit, available from many sources, or by using an online will creation resource. There you have it – a guide to the different ways you can make a will in Canada. The key takeaway here is that the worst type of will is no will at all – our research shows two-thirds of Canadian adults don’t have an up-to-date will, and that means a lot of families aren’t protected.

Ac­cording to recent fig­ures, around 40,000 fam­ilies a year have a pro­longed pro­bate (Guardi­an 2015) pro­cess due to in­ef­fect­ive DIY Wills. Up to 10% of the value of your estate can end up being spent on ad­di­tion­al fees due to cre­at­ing an in­valid Will. The prob­lem with these Will-writ­ing Kits, in­clud­ing DIY and Post Office Will Kits, is that there are rules that Wills need to follow in order to be leg­ally valid in the UK. Al­though Will-writ­ing Kits can go some way to­wards provid­ing a basic frame­work to help you create your Will, they are often poorly drafted and are not always ef­fect­ive.

Therefore, when you renew your policy, be sure to check the beneficiary details. Bear in mind that the usual process for the distribution of assets is that first, specifically named gifts go to specifically named recipients.

Think about your spouse, your kids and your extended family. By the way, two things can happen to any property that you do not specify in your will.

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