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However, based on our experience, it is not impossible to find out who the supplier behind a famous brand is. If you like the quality, materials, or specifications of these brands, you can find qualified factories that can provide you with similar products, but in your own brand. On Alibaba there are some manufacturers marked as “Verified.” This label shows that they did factory audits, verified their production line, etc. Read more about China Business Strategy Consulting here. However, this only proves that they are a manufacturer of their main products, not necessarily all the products they put on the Alibaba website.

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They have done well with smart factory technology there for their automotive parts and capital goods industries. The issues I discuss above apply (with somewhat less force) to most other manufacturing countries as well. And as manufacturing continues to migrate beyond China, it will be important that companies protect their brand name wherever their manufacturing takes them. Before you start working with a Chinese manufacturer, it is important to conduct due diligence to assess their credibility and reputation. This includes checking references, reviewing their business history, and analyzing their financial stability.

Chances are, if you’re investing the time and money into developing a new product, you’re doing it on some level for yourself. Finally, once you’ve got your idea honed in, and you’ve begun to make progress with the factories and manufacturing process, there’s one very important thing you need to focus on. Since the 1980s, China has literally been built for manufacturing.

Shipping, Customs Clearance, and Delivery

However, recent policy initiatives have recognized digital trade as a new driving force for China’s foreign trade development. The State Council has issued guidelines promoting innovative foreign trade development, with an emphasis on fostering digital commerce. During the 20th National Congress, it was proposed that efforts toward establishing China as a strong trading nation be accelerated.

1. Manufacturer Classification – Things You Should Know in Advance

You approved a prototype, you feel the R&D engineers know what you want… but what about the production and quality staff? Conducting product quality inspections throughout the key stages of production is a crucial part of your QC process. There are many third-party quality control companies in China (such as Insight) that can conduct pre-shipment inspections for you. For entrepreneurs starting out and hoping to manufacture smaller quantities, a trading company may be a good alternative to dealing directly with a factory. Trading companies may be able to secure you a better deal based on their local knowledge and ability to negotiate.

In some unique cases, like countries with protectionist policies, you might even find that local manufacturing is your only option. The cost of producing various products in China varies from one to the next. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that, in most cases, the cost of production in China is cheaper compared to other regions.

You might be wondering where you should get your products manufactured in China? It’s hard for many foreign companies to choose a good manufacturer from those areas. Relatively to say, manufacturers in Southern China provide high quality products and better services than Eastern China’s manufacturers.

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