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But we’re paying for the consequences of those decisions today, and we’ll continue to shoulder the dangers of the next supply shock, the next critical shortage, the next breadline. Unless we decide to take on the corporate interests that got us here and build a system that actually works for all of us. Dispatch can also refer to the act of assigning a delivery or transport order to a specific carrier or delivery person.

If the package requires kitting, they’ll need to know which items go into the box together. When an ecommerce brand is using a 3PL warehouse, they’ll need to ensure that their logistics partner can accommodate any personalized packaging the company wishes to use.

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Some applications for the logistics and transportation industry include quality control, temperature monitoring, predictive maintenance, and delivery times to supply chain partners and consumers. As supply chains expand their global reach, transportation and logistics companies continuously seek new ways to increase flexibility, sustainability, and transparency. Read more about global logistics services here. Emerging technology is critical to addressing those challenges and can lead to operational and financial benefits for leading supply chain businesses.

Reverse Logistics FAQ

Increased scalability and agility, improved decision-making and risk management capability, and opportunities to reduce waste are just the beginning of what cloud computing can offer logistics. As the technology continues to evolve, it will become increasingly synonymous with visibility, flexibility, efficiency and agility.

What Are Logistics Costs?

Often in uncertain economic environments, companies slow their technology investments to a trickle. This speaks to the value of a digital supply chain in helping enterprises navigate disruptive forces and respond faster to volatile supply and demand.

AI could change the game and provide a whole new landscape to ensure supply chains maintain the highest level of efficiency. Meanwhile, AI adopters will accelerate human output and increase supply chain resiliency.

Technology Benefits All Supply Chain Segments

Because your shipment only uses a portion of the truck’s available space, you only pay for the space you use. This ensures your cost will be a fraction of what a normal full truckload shipment would cost.

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